6 tools for effective copywriting

tools effective copywriting

Basically, what does a copywriter need before getting to work?

A laptop and …

… a word-processing software.

But that’s not enough.

As you get new clients or assignments, you come to the conclusion that your copywriting process must be more efficient.

Why ? Because some copies may be more time-consuming than others.

And clients cannot always extend their deadlines…

But here’s the good news:  a couple of tools can save your life…

And guess what?  Most of them are free !

Tool 1: Bad at managing your time ? Time to get a timer …

time to get a timer

Let’s begin with one of my favourite applications.

In a previous post, I explained how Toogl improved my time management skills.

And it still does.

Basically, this tool helps you track your time when you’re immersed in a project.

Copywriting can be very time-consuming. This ranges from doing researches to writing and editing your content…

But the trick is to keep writing with the same level of productivity. And this is where Toogl comes in…

It’s quite simple and you don’t necessarily have to buy the premium version.

You need to turn it on at the start of the task, and the application counts the minutes and hours spent on it.

That way, you can easily assess your time management and see if you’re lagging or meeting your deadlines.

Tool 2: Does your headline suck?

does your headline sucks

As D. Ogilvy used to say : “When you’ve written your headline, you’ve spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”

Whether you write short-form or long-form copies, the first thing readers pay attention to is your … headline.

And if it doesn’t grab their attention, then your copy is doomed to be ignored.

So …

… if you have the writer’s block…

… or if you aren’t convinced of your headline …

… then, try this tool.

Just type your headline in and bang ! It gets analyzed and rated in a couple of seconds.

Quite handy if you have nobody by your side to give you a feedback…

Tool 3:  No soft spot for grammar?

no soft sport for grammar

Well, if you want to save a couple of bucks on a proofreader, you can still try Grammarly.

Basically, this is a writing assistant that allows you to proofread your copy for free.

BUT …  this is just an appetizer. Actually, the free version is severely limited.

If you want to make the best out of it, then upgrade to their premium service: you’ll get not only a mistake-free copy, but also context-specific tips on how to improve your copy.

It’s still cheaper than a proofreader…

… and you can also hone your copywriting skills with it.

Tool 4: How to get your copy assessed … Just ask Hemingway

no soft sport for grammar

Hemingway used to say : “write drunk, edit sober”. He was definitely right.

When you get started with your copy, … don’t stop.

Write, write, write till you’re done with it. Then begins the editing process.

The application of the same name sticks to the same rule: write your copy and when you’re finished, just copy it and click on the “edit” option.

It assesses the “readability” of your copy and provides you with a couple of useful tips (i.e. choice of words, adverbs, verbs …).

And if you follow their recommendations, you’ll see the difference within a snap of a finger.

Of course, we suggest that you polish or edit your text yourself … It’s just an application after all.

It’s supposed to make it easier to you, not to do the job for you.

Tool 5: You keep repeating yourself, dude…

stop repeating

Sometimes, we don’t even realize it.

It can be worse than typos or poor grammar.

Everyone underestimates it.

This is repetition.

There’s something really annoying about copies where you find the same word over and over again.

We tend to overuse some words in our copies – for many reasons.

Of course, we’re not referring to the product’s name. If there’s one word that needs to be repeated in your ad copy, that’s the one…

But  if you don’t stop,  this can actually put people off reading your text.

So, once you’re done with your copy, edit your content with wordcounter. The quality of your copy will be enhanced.

Tool 6: And what about SEO?

what about SEO

Any copywriter or blogger is supposed to have basic SEO knowledge nowadays.

Keywords, meta descriptions or meta tags… All of this may sound familiar to you…

But your core business is copywriting, and the technical stuff is not really your cup of tea.

No worries.

Yoast can do the job for you.

I learned the basics with it. And as far as I can remember, I knew nothing about SEO when I first used it.

I didn’t even know what SEO stood for.

Anyway, the free version of this plug-in is user-friendly.

This walks you through all SEO aspects, from redirecting your broken links or choosing your keywords to testing the readability of your text.

And that’s not all.

So if you plan to develop a blog or a site, you can’t skip that one !

This list is not exhaustive. If you know some other apps or tools, feel free to share it …

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