How to get your tweets clicked in 9 steps

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When it comes to social platforms like Twitter, we just want to get our tweets clicked as much as possible.

However, we tend to forget the most important part of it: it’s a platform where people gather, share experiences or opinions on their favorite topics.

It’s like in real life.

Well, imagine that you’re invited to a party where you know nobody.

How are you going to start a conversation?

Well, you’re going to ask the other guests what they do for a living, or what they fancy doing after work.

You’re getting interested in the others.

If you brag too much about yourself, then you might create (too) much space around you.

With Twitter, it’s a little bit the same. If you tweet about your products all the time, nobody will follow you.

So if you don’t know how to reach your target audience, read the following tips and tricks …

That could save you much time and disappointment.

Tweet about your niche markets and … link !


On Twitter, you’ve to become a reliable source of good-quality information on a topic, or in your industry. Tweeting about anything will lead you to nowhere.

Instead, make sure that you regularly tweet links to articles, pictures or videos on your chosen topics.

That way, people in your niche markets are 100% sure that every time they’ll read your tweets, they’ll get something interesting.

What’s more, you’ll get more engagement on your tweets by adding a link.

When tweeting a link, just add the Twitter handle (e.g. “by @username” or “via @username”) of the source.

Be short and concise

A tweet cannot exceed 140 characters. That’s not really long.

But did you know that making it shorter could be more beneficial to you?


Just think about the people who want to retweet you.

One of your tweets grab their attention, so they’d like to add their comments. In that case, please give them enough space and they won’t have to trim your tweet.

So, please don’t forget about your retweeters every time you write a tweet. This is what Shea Bennet calls “observing the Magic Retweet Number”.

Be specific with your tweets

Be Specific

When you write a copy or an article, you content doesn’t have to be “vague”. You have to be as specific as possible.

Let’s take an example. Will you be more tempted to click on a headline that reads “Learn to tweet effectively?” or “Follow these 10 steps and learn how to tweet in 5 minutes”.

The second will grab more your attention, right?

Because it tells you exactly how long it takes you to tweet, using the 10 methods recommended in the article.

Be clear with your Tweets

Be Clear

Don’t ever try to be clever.

You may think that playing on words is great for a Tweet promoting your website, your new product or a recent blog post.

However, this is risky business as it might not always resonate with your audience.

Instead, try to focus on the message you’re trying to convey.

Just in a few words.

And nothing else.

A great example is this tweet from Jishnu G:

short tweet

Grab attention by Tweeting their “name”


With Tweeter, you never know who the recipient is going to be. Well, you may have followers, but you’re not quite sure that they’ll read every single Tweet you write.

However, you know you’re targeting through your Tweets. When writing a Tweet, you “call out to” your target audience by using trigger words or keywords.

Those trigger words are usually preceded by a hashtag (#) and mentioned at the end of your Tweets.

This is exactly what I did with this Tweet targeting Copyblogger.

Tweeting their name - How to get your tweets clicked in 9 steps

Retweet the right way

Twitter is a lot about retweeting other people’s tweets.

Why ?

Because you first curate contents on your topic(s) for our followers.

By giving your opinion on such topics, you’ll gain your followers’ trust.

Then, it’s a good way to build up and develop relationships with experts or leaders in your niche markets.

Create curiosity with your Tweets

Create Curiosity with your TweetSometimes, you don’t necessarily need to spill the beans and say what the article is really about.

Just make your target audience feel curious about your Tweet.

Make them want to click the link to find out what it is you’re talking about.

For example, you can write the following Tweet: “Want to know the best way to tweet and increase traffic on your site? In that case, don’t read this…”

This tells you that you won’t learn anything valuable about your favorite topic by clicking the link.

Okay, but why the hell am I inviting you to click?

In fact, I am not telling you to avoid. If you really want to know, you just have to click and … read !

Tweeting = Talking

Tweeting is Talking

Nobody really like reading something that feels like it is robotic. The idea is not to take followers away from you. No, just quite the opposite.

People love being talked in a friendly way. And the same goes for your Tweets.

Just check this out:

Do not wait! Our special offer will not last for long!

And this:

Don’t wait! Our special offer won’t last for long!

The key here is to use contractions.

So, just be yourself: use your tone of voice and your favorite expressions.

That’s the best way to leave your mark on Twitter. People will easily remember who you are.

Besides, you won’t sound like another company trying to sell its stuff online.

Tweet about your customers ‘needs

customers 1 e1521034482102 - How to get your tweets clicked in 9 steps

No matter how many times we’ve been told …

… but when it comes to writing a copy or an ad, we usually talk about our product or service rather than focusing on the customer.

For example, “I have a 6-hour webinar that provides tips and tricks for improving your cooking” vs “My course can teach you to cook tasteful meals that people will devour, and significantly reduce the amount of time you spend reading recipes.”

What’s the difference? The second sentence focuses on the BENEFITS, not the FEATURES.

In fact, people really don’t care about how the product really is.

They just want it to solve their business pains or issues.

And your Tweets are not an exception to the rule.

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