The different Types of Copywriting

What exactly is copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of pushing readers or leads to action, by offering a product or service for sale.  But this may take many forms of writing.

In order to clarify a little, I’d like to break apart the different types of copywriting.

Types of Copywriting


Space ads (as part of Ad copy)

First of all, the most common form is ad copy, especially space ads. You can see this ad everywhere: in newspapers, brochures, newsletters, social media or even the margins of many websites.

This short-form copy (60-70 words) should be both brief and catchy. It usually redirects  to a sales page (or a promo).

Direct response copywriting (emails, funnels)

Another kind of copywriting is direct response copywriting.  It is designed to evoke an immediate response and compel you to take some specific action(s).

You may already have received thousands of emails demanding a response from you such as:

    • subscribing to a newsletter,
    • opting in to an email list,
    • placing an order
    • or being directed to a web page.

Contrary to popular belief, this technique makes it easy for many businesses to convert leads into paying customers.

Web copy

Web copy can take many different forms.

It could be the famous ‘about us’ section on your web site.

Instead of selling your business,  this page should be centered on the ideal client you’d love to work with. In other words, you explain how you can help your clients solve their business pains and needs.

Or it could be something much longer, such as an eBook.

First, they are quite useful to promote your brand awareness, by “selling” your expertise.

Needless to say that an eBook requires much preparation, research, proofreading and marketing (You will read more about this in our next post).

Besides, there is an extra benefit to eBooks: they are usually given for free or offered. So this is a simple and nice way to ‘retain’ your clients or ‘convert’ your leads.


And let’s save the best for last: blogging.

Nowadays, your web presence depends on fresh and good-quality contents. The more content you publish, the better your search engine is.

But that’s not all : it must be informative, urgent, ultra-specific or useful. Blogging adresses all those needs.

Besides, it must be SEO-friendly and keyworded accordingly. But what really matters is the quality of your content. The size varies widely, from 300 to 2000 words.

As you can see, you can easily benefit from the different types of copywriting.

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