Why You Should Specialize in a Niche

As a junior copywriter, should you specialize in a niche (i.e. a specific industry or sector)?

Since I joined a Facebook group for copywriters 3 years ago, new members have been raising the following question:

“Should I pick the first gig I am offered or should I work for a particular niche?”

When you’re starting out, you’re tempted to become a generalist. Why?

If you take on any project in any industry, you increase your windows of opportunities very quickly.

Besides, you will spend less time landing your FIRST gig

It is hard to find your first (and regular) client. And it is getting harder when it comes to nurturing a long-term collaboration.

So, why would you refuse it?


You may work for a wide range of businesses, but …

… in the end, they will definitely look for the one who knows their niche.

And you know what? You would do the same too.

Take this example:

Your 2-years-old son has a very bad cough. He finds it hard to breathe. Many people recommend you that you go to a pediatrician. But the diagnosis is worse than expected: your son is suffering from pneumonia.

Needless to say, the treatment requires specific manipulations for your young child.

So, you can opt for:

    • a physiotherapist
    • a physiotherapist specialized in children
    • or a physiotherapist specialized in respiratory illnesses for young children

 So … which one do you choose?

You will contact the one with a specialization in respiratory diseases. He has this special skill that makes him unique.

The same goes with clients when they look for a copywriter.

4 More Reasons to Choose a Particular Niche


1. You Can Use Your Knowledge

If you have a degree in pharmacology, this can help you with your transition to copywriting for pharmaceutical companies. When you leverage your experience in a hobby (or an interest), you can write with authority.

2. You Can Write about What Interests You

Human Resources? Gaming? Argentinian Tango? You have so many interests.

And guess what? Businesses in those areas exist and they need written content.

Learn as much as you can and you’ll get to write about THE topic that you love. Your passion will show in your writing and will be rewarded by businesses in need of your expertise.

3. You Can Become an Expert

Once you write for a particular niche, you’re a part of a community: you get to know the influencers and key players, the latest trends as well as their jargon.

Your network positions you to better serve clients in that industry because you are the reference person. Your expertise makes you unique in this niche. And that’s why clients will contact you rather than any other freelancer(s).

4. You Can Become More Efficient

If a client asks you to write about the local labor market, it is going to take you some time to get up to speed on how it works.

You may know that the unemployment rate is pretty high in your area, and that’s the only thing you may know.

But if you work your way to this sector, you’ll be able to write copies more efficiently because you master the basics. And usually this is what takes much time.

Every time you  write a copy on this topic, you will spend less time looking for this information.  So you can take on more projects or have time for other things.

But what if you have no experience…

what-if-I-have-no-experienceWhen I first looked for my niche, the same idea kept flashing across my mind over and over again:

– “I am not an expert in the topics that interests me”.

Yep, you love anything about board games, and you want to work for this industry as a copywriter. The problem is that you’ve never explored this field before …

And the same go for any other field of activity.

Why should I offer my services as a  health copywriter if I have no knowledge in medicines?

You may feel like a fake copywriter because you don’t have the degree in your niche or very little experience in writing content. That’s what we call the Imposter Syndrome.

That is ok. And you know why?

You don’t need to have much authority or a great resumé.

You just need to know and learn more than the average reader about this topic and deliver this information in a very persuasive way.

Let’s face it: a copywriter is not going to spend 10 years studying medicines for a sales letter promoting a specific medicine.

By the way, that would be too long for ONE product.  Get as much info as possible about this medicine and make it simple to talk about it.

How to Get Started

How-to-Get-StartedIf you want to specialize in one niche, all you need to do is:

    • Start with your background and interests. What industry or sector appeal to you?
    • Make a list of the projects that you could write
    • Search for companies in this industry and make your pitch
    • Don’t limit yourself to one niche.  Once yu are on the right track, you can look for another niche and add it to your skill set.

See how it works? So, let’s get going !

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